A Living Relationship of Love

That glimmer of a feeling, that spark of realizing that we have a living relationship of love, of interdependence and inter-being with the entire planet Earth and with all other humans and all other living things.
— Sam Guarnaccia

The inter-being, emergence, the spark of shared-realization, and the interdependent relationship of love are alive in so many places.  While I generally talk about these rich topics in relation to the Mutual Awakening Practice, developed by Patricia Albere, here is beautiful rendition of these truths as they emerge through music.

I invite you to check out this interview with Sam and Paula Guarnaccia about The Emergent Universe Oratorio (EUO).  EUO is an hour-and-a-half long choral and orchestral piece composed by my friend Sam, produced by Paula, his wife, and often co-presented with a series of dynamic paintings created by the extraordinary visual artist, Cameron Davis.

Like the work of the Evolutionary Collective, and the Mutual Awakening Practice, the EUO was deeply inspired by the work of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, and others such as Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, and Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim from the Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale University. This artistic musical expression provides a way to enter in, and directly experience, the new cosmology, deepening our evolving understanding of and response to the ‘new story,’ or new paradigm we are being called into.

Kari Auerbach, from KOSMOS:  Journal for Global Transformation, interviewed Sam and Paula.  In the excerpt below, Sam gives an eloquent answer to the question of what it’s going to take for us to become a global society, one that works for everybody - a question we wrestle with in our work with dual awakening.

As a Mutual Awakening Teacher and practitioner, I love how Sam presences the importance of turning towards one another and allowing ourselves to connect at the level of love.  Sam and Paula are enacting this vision through music. With Mutual Awakening, we are enacting it through our 21st century practice, a shared-meditation done together - eyes open, with words, and inside of conscious inter-subjective space.

Perhaps someday, following a performance of the Oratorio, we can turn towards one another and enter into a Mutual Awakening Practice, further activating, as Sam voices “that spark of realizing that we have a living relationship of love.”

Here is Sam’s beautiful answer to the question of what it will take for us to come together:

Sam | “That raises the question we get asked the most, which is “How do we save ourselves? What is it going to take?” This is something that was being wrestled with at a conference we were invited to attend in Southern India, just a week ago. I was asked that question in Princeton, too, a few months ago. What is it going to take to turn the tide of human presence on the Earth so that we become—as a global society—caretakers, and not exploiters, of the planet? How to end war and create a just society that works for everybody? We’ve never had that. “What is it going to take?” and I said this:

To be present to, and to act in your world to what is in front of you; to inspire, educate, and exemplify a new way of being not just environmentally but in every mode of being; and to train your mind, heart, and body to fall in love, to fall in love deeply with every being, structure, and living system around you, to envision and feel the Earth as your child, as if she were your child, your beloved for whom you will and would do anything.

I honestly think that if we can look at each other and other living things and the Earth itself with the kind of love that we have for our children, our husbands, our loved ones, our parents for whom we would do anything … it all does come down to love. Of course, one has to really outline how that love gets shown; what is love really, but living for the other? That glimmer of a feeling, that spark of realizing that we have a living relationship of love, of interdependence and inter-being with the entire planet Earth and with all other humans and all other living things.”

Yes, Sam!  Eloquently said.  When we live for a higher purpose, like “living for the other,” we are transformed.  By turning towards one another and looking deeply, all the way through to that place of purity deep within each of us, the spark of love ignites and connects us such that we experience ourselves as interconnected within a larger body.

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