Evolutionary Relationships:
Igniting the Power of Evolutionary Relating

“The leading edge of human evolution is being born through the space between us. There is a vast universe of inner being that is shared between us. It’s the space where relatedness exists – the ‘we-space.’”
— Patricia Albere

Are you longing for relationships with others that are richer and deeper, and that lead to the actualization of your true potentials, something that invites everything you are and more? Do you know, in the deepest part of you, that this type of relationship is possible for all of us? You are not alone.  A Mutual Awakening is happening in the space between us and it is powerfully and effortlessly transforming relationships on every level.  By awakening to the 'Higher We' that exists at the core of all of us, not only are our individual lives transformed, but so is our collective life.

Evolutionary Relationships:  Awakening to the Higher We* is designed for groups and organizations that want to develop and deepen their relational skills. For groups who are interested in exploring Evolutionary Relating, I lead a 3-hour introductory session that can serve as a stand-alone experiences and/or lead into more extended work in activating the principles of Evolutionary Relating.

In the introductory session, we will:

  • explore a profound new possibility for human relationships that can open us into a space of tremendous creativity and love.

  • learn how to distinguish an evolutionary relationship from normal relationships.

  • experience some of the activating principles that turn on the power of our relatedness (e.g. Trust, Influence, Engagement).

  • learn how the Mutual Awakening Practice is activating the highest potentials for human consciousness, culture, and transformation.

* This work is emerging directly out of the Evolutionary Collective, founded by Patricia Albere.  For more information about the Evolutionary Collective:  http://evolutionarycollective.com/