Mutual Awakening


"The leading edge of human evolution is being born through the space between us. There is a vast universe of inner being that is shared between us. It’s the space where relatedness exists – the ‘we-space.’" - Patricia Albere

The Practice of Mutual Awakening:

Are you sensing there are higher possibilities of love, energy, and creativity you could activate for yourself and the world, if you only knew how.  Discover how the practice of Mutual Awakening can do just that.  

Mutual Awakening is a powerful opening that occurs between two or more people who have turned toward each other and become sensitively aware of the space between them.  This profound level of connection brings us into an inner world that only exists between us.  This shared space, sometimes called inter-subjectivity or ‘We-Space,’ is a new frontier in consciousness.  The Mutual Awakening Practice is the meditation for the We-space.   

You may be already sensing that this space of shared unity is an important next step for you, and for humanity.  Many of us are being called - literally pulled by the future into this frontier of consciousness.

I want to reiterate what I said after our session the other night - it was wonderful. Thank you. I found our session to be very deep and healing. You’re masterful at creating safety and space for transformation. You are clearly living your dharma (life purpose), doing what you are here to do. Your amazing repertoire of tools coupled with your dedication to your personal and collective transformation has given you profound skills and deep compassion to be an extraordinary guide. I want more Toni and so will many others!
— Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul
What the Mutual Awakening practice is opening up for me is a deeper, tangible experience of the interconnectedness (or oneness) of all of humanity. I can grasp and have a sensory experience of how we are indeed one and still each of us unique. I have long been wanting to have more awakened relationships, and the community that converges for the MA practice is helping me do exactly that. I’m also starting to experience how this is a practice that helps us transcend our personal issues, rather than continuously (and endlessly) working to heal. With MA, we shift into a new consciousness where all issues evaporate.
— Morella D.

Mutual Awakening Salons:


Salons are offered to groups who would like to experience and explore the Mutual Awakening Practice.  These Salons are transforming, in and of themselves, and can also lead into continued work with the activating principles of Mutual Awakening.

During the Salon, you will experience the Mutual Awakening Practice.  During the practice you will sense the connection with something that is much bigger than yourself and know that you have opened a portal to a new world of existence. You will no longer feel separate from the person you are with – no longer trying to meet across the chasm of space between you – you will know viscerally that you are inside reality together.

From these experiences of Mutual Awakening, you will:

  • Explore how Mutual Awakening is a unique form of spiritual awakening that will greatly enhance your own purpose and potential in the world

  • Learn about the Activating Principles of Mutual Awakening that will catalyze this extraordinary possibility in your own life

  • Uncover how Mutual Awakening is the ‘meditation’ for the “Higher We”

  • Gain a glimpse of the significance and larger context for this new awakening for both yourself, your community, and for the planet

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