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You’re invited to join Discovering Fire: The Renaissance of Love – the Evolutionary Collective’s all-new, free, monthly meetup club (it’s like a book club, but for WEvolutionary explorers). And we’ll send you everything you need to spark meaningful conversations with others and spread love and connection like wildfire.

Historians use “The Renaissance” to describe when, in the 14th century, humanity moved from the medieval Middle Ages to, in the 17th century, the modern Age of Reason. The word Renaissance implied a rediscovery or rebirth of rational civilization after what Renaissance thinkers considered to be dark, primitive times.

The next huge shift for humanity is upon us, as we struggle to evolve beyond being a society run exclusively by knowledge, technology, self-concern and power.

Now, in the space between us, emerging from the ashes of this era, we are quite literally giving birth to a new world – one based not on divisiveness and hyper-individuation, but on unity, caring, cooperation and awakened love.


Begin your evolutionary journey with the the Mutual Awakening Starter Kit that includes:  Part One of Patricia Albere’s best-selling book, Evolutionary Relationships:  Unleashing the Power of Mutual Awakening  and a brand new e-Course: Opening into a New Paradigm of Human Relatedness designed to help you deepen and integrate this new perspective of consciousness.

These materials were carefully designed to:

  • Define Mutual Awakening and its power to enhance your alignment with your highest purpose, sense of connection and belonging in the world.

  • Illustrate how Mutual Awakening can catalyze your full potential, the full potential of others and of the world.

  • Uncover how Mutual Awakening is the ‘meditation’ designed to be done with your eyes open and in connection with others and why it’s essential to tap into this life-force regularly.

  • Provide next-steps on how to stay connected to the Evolutionary Collective and its community of conscious seekers striving to optimize life through connection.


Thrive with Morella Podcast

Would you like to learn more about Mutual Awakening? Please listen to my conversation with Thrive with Morella host, Morella Devost, EdM, MA. You will discover what Mutual Awakening is and how it’s different from traditional meditation. You will also hear how Mutual Awakening takes us into a new frontier in consciousness, how relationships are transformed, and what it means to be in Evolutionary Relationships.


The Evolutionary Collective is a global community of innovators, pioneers and WEvolutionaries committed to exploring the highest potentials for human consciousness, culture and spiritual development through mutual awakening.


Complimentary Mutual Awakening eBook

Download this free eBook by Patricia Albere, Mutual Awakening: Mutual Awakening, Opening into a New Paradigm of Human Relatedness. This eBook is devoted to exploring the profound experience of mutual awakening.


Awakening to the We Article

Learn more about the Mutual Awakening Practice and what it means to “awaken to the We,” read this article by Patricia Albere.  In it she talks about how the current paradigm we exist in assumes that because our bodies are separate, our consciousness is distinct as well. Yet we’ve all experienced moments of oneness, of being inside the same experience, together.  What if we could do that on an ongoing basis?


Take a 4-Week Virtual Mutual Trust Course

In this 4-week virtual course, you will gain mastery in three dimensions of trust that create relationships strong enough to withstand the inevitable breeches of trust that all relationships are subject to: Basic Trust, Relative Trust and Authentic Trust. This degree of mastery is essential if we aspire to engage in evolutionary relating with others.


Mutual Awakening Practice Salon

Wednesday, April 24th from 7:00 - 8:30
Saturday, April 27th 3:00 - 4:30
Potentially the week of May 6th 

Location TBD

Join me in learning more about the Mutual Awakening Practice. In our time together, you will get a taste of the practice, and we will cover many questions you might have about it such as:

What exactly is the Mutual Awakening Practice – and how simple and reliable it is for anyone to use?

  • Why now is such a particularly important time in our evolution for us to move from personal to shared awakening?

  • How the consciousness you develop through the Mutual Awakening Practice deepens and expands every dimension of your life including increasing your capacity for intimacy in your relationships, igniting your creativity, being guided by a larger and higher sense of purpose, and much more.

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Mutual Awakening Practice Course

4 Wednesday Evenings | 7-8:30 PM | Beginning in mid-May

In this live 4-week course led by Evolutionary Collective Teacher Toni Monsey, you’ll be immersed in the teachings and you’ll receive the 5th module - a downloadable guided Mutual Awakening Practice. Each session is 90-minutes in length and will include 45 minutes of shared wisdom, plus 45 minutes of being guided through the practice and an opportunity to ask questions and receive further guidance. Each weekly course session builds on the next so that you’re taken more deeply into this consciousness each time.


Beyond Me to We Preview Call

Join Patricia Albere on May 15th to learn about the how to go Beyond Me to We and activate our highest potentials through Mutual Awakening.


An Evening of Unity

A few times each year our community doors open and loved ones are invited to join us as our guests for An Evening of Unity live event. The Evolutionary Collective Core meets three times a year in person for these three day intensives. You are invited to spend two hours with us during the middle of our intensive. Practice is the main focus of evening together. We look forward to being with you and bringing you inside the space we are working in.

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