Restoring Basic Trust, Activating Authentic Trust, And Igniting Our Higher Human Potentials

Trust is the invisible foundation that affects our relationship to ourselves, others, and life itself.  Trust allows us to relax, feel confident, resilient and acti with power and effective.  Trust allows us to feel safe in our relationships - to feel free to love and create together.  A foundation of trust is what makes everything worthwhile in life possible.  Without it, nothing works, and our relationships are mired in struggle, tension and misunderstanding.

If even our ordinary human relationships fall into dysfunction without a foundation of trust, you can well imagine that the higher possibility of evolutionary relating is impossible without it. This course is designed for those who aspire to the possibility of creating Evolutionary Relationships in their lives - relationships that work.

In this 4-part course, you will gain mastery in three dimensions of trust that create relationships strong enough to withstand the inevitable breaches of trust that all relationships are subject to.  These dimensions of trust are: Basic Trust, Relative Trust, and Authentic Trust.  This degree of mastery is essential if we aspire to engage in evolutionary relating with others, and to create a world that works for all of us.