The leading edge of human evolution is being born through the space between us. There is a vast universe of inner being that is shared between us. It’s the space where relatedness exists – the ‘we-space’
— Patricia Albere


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Mutual Awakening

The Practice of Mutual Awakening

Mutual awakening is a powerful opening that occurs between two or more people who have turned toward each other and become sensitively aware of the space between them. This shared space, sometimes called inter-subjectivity or ‘We-Space,’ is a new frontier in consciousness. The Mutual Awakening Practice is the meditation for the We-space.

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Evolutionary Relationships

Igniting the Power of Evolutionary Relating

Evolutionary relating gives us real access to our innate interconnectedness.
As part of a quantum field of connection, we feel and influence each other continually. When we attune to this greater field, it powerfully uplifts the relationship and its potentials.

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Restoring Mutual Trust

Activating Authentic Trust, And Igniting Our Higher Human Potentials

If even our ordinary human relationships fall into dysfunction without a foundation of trust, you can well imagine that the higher possibility of evolutionary relating is impossible without it. Activating Mutual Trust allows us to feel safe in our relationships, and to feel free to love and create together.

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Biofield Tuning

A Unique, Non-Medical, Therapeutic Method

Biofield Tuning uses sound waves produced by tuning forks in the biomagnetic field, or biofield, that surrounds the human body to induce deep targeted relaxation and increased awareness. It is a simple and efficient method for bringing conscious attention to areas of static in our field. It can produce profound and powerful outcomes in the concrete, subtle, and meta-aware realms.

What People Are Saying…

“Toni is an extraordinary guide. With the deepest compassion, insight, finesse and skill, she is helping me find my way to my truest most authentic self. I am humbled and truly grateful not only for who she is but the amazing changes I am seeing in my-self and in my life. She is a true “GOD’ send.”
— Laurie W
“I’ve been noticing how much the deeper trust I hold with fellow practitioners in my workplace is helping support my relationships with them and is impacting how I show up in many different ways in my life. Pretty cool.”
— Anne S. (Mutual Trust Course Participant)
Toni helped me upgrade and uplevel my entire life. I was at a point of feeling so ineffective, with such low self-worth and huge trust issues — when I turned to Toni. She helped me bring awareness to parts of myself that were out of whack, helped me integrate so much of my life, and how to view life from a much larger vantage point. Things moved for me that hadn’t been touched in decades! I’m such a healthy, joyful human now thanks to Toni.
— Gen S.

Whether it’s one on one or in a group, let’s get started working together.

Next Steps…

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