A Breath Practice for the New Paradigm


After we learn the Mutual Awakening Practice and are able to enter into Shared-Unity, we can begin to bring Mutual Awakening into our daily lives more actively.  For example, when we are consciously engaged in the activities of our daily lives from within the Shared-Unity — with our eyes open, our bodies moving, speaking or silent — our breathing is one way in which we naturally inhale and exhale Love.  Breathing is a dynamic exchange of Love that continually nourishes our Shared-Reality.  

As we breathe in (receive) Love fully and exhale (give) Love fully, we create an atmosphere in which we can all thrive.  We wake up to the fact that we are always in, and contributing to, the endless slip-stream of Love. Cultivating our ability to exist inside this field of mutuality while we are engaged in the activities of our lives — thinking, eating, remembering, planning, sensing, relating, working — will take us into a new way of being together where Love is the natural exchange.  

A practice that can be particularly helpful is to pair our breath with the phrase “I am, may you be.”  As you inhale on the “I am," experience the energy of Love infilling you and giving itself to you as the gift and miracle of your life.  As you exhale on the “may you be,” allow the Love to flow out every pore of your being to the field of Love we all exist within — see the Love incarnate as you, and all others — as the gift and miracle of every life.

If feelings of sadness (bodily pain, fear, confusion, loneliness, quiet joy, amazement….) come welling up within you as you go about your day — let your next inhalation be your way of receiving into yourself the Love we exist within, loving you through and through in the midst of your sadness.  As you exhale, let your exhalation be your way of giving yourself in love, sadness and all, to the infinite love that with your next inhalation is giving itself to you whole and complete in the midst of your sadness. Whatever it is that may be occurring within and around you during your day, let each inhalation be your way of receiving into yourself the infinite love that is sustaining you (and Us) and loving you through and through.  And let each exhalation be your contribution to this generative Love for all of Us.

As we learn to live inside of this mutuality, in the midst of all that arises and falls away within our daily lives, we participate in the transmutation of the cultural medium we currently live in, and we are popped into the Spondisphere - a way of being where what is exchanged between us is pure love.  With this stance of generosity, self-giving, and reverence for the relational space we exist in, we contribute to enacting Heaven on Earth now.

When we take seriously our part in creating the greater Whole (our uniqueness within shared-Unity), we naturally allow each exhalation to be our way of giving ourselves in love to the love that loves us through and through in all that is arising and falling away within us as we go through our days.  When we walk, talk, breath, relate and live in this way, we know and trust that in this reciprocity of love our destiny in Love is being fulfilled.

We can practice this “I am, may you be” intention/prayer in every moment as we go through our day.  We can practice it as we awaken in the middle of the night, letting love be our way of falling back to sleep.  It is by way of being an inter-change, or conduit, for this love that we can actualize the Spondisphere together.  We are called to be this love in the midst of all that our busy and full lives bring to us.