Mutual Awakening: Beyond Individual Flow Into Shared-Flow

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Have you ever experienced being in “flow,” or “in the zone?” If so, you know through personal experience what is called the “law of three.”  

Put simply, the “law of three” asserts that:

  1. In every new arising in our lives, there are three forces involved:  affirming, denying, and reconciling.

  2. The interweaving of the three forces produces a fourth, a new creation, in another dimension.

  3. These three forces aren’t fixed points or permanent essence attributes.  They can and do shift and you can learn to work with them situationally in your life.

  4. The issues in our lives and relationships, the ones that get us stuck, can be shifted when we learn to “see,” and work with, the invisible forces present in every situation in our lives.

We live inside the “law of three” all of the time, and we can awaken to this reality not only as individuals but together. When we do, we live inside of the flow state where creation is occurring ongoingly.

Over the last millennia, people have been increasingly awakening into individual flow states.  Some people have even moved that flow state into a permanent developmental stage for themselves.  

What is new and exciting is that we can further our awakening into shared-flow states together and live in inside of relationships that continually amplify both our shared and individual awakening simultaneously.

If you’re curious and want to find out more, please listen to this recording about Mutual Awakening: Beyond Me to We:  Activating Our Highest Potentials Through Mutual Awakening

And, if this recording intrigues you, please sign-up to join us for the next online Mutual Awakening Course which starts on Tuesday, June 12th.  This course will be led by Patricia Albere, the founder of the Evolutionary Collective and the Mutual Awakening Practice.