Setting Humanity Ablaze


I recently read a blog titled “To Die On the Day of Resurrection” by Peter Haas.  It is worth a read.  In it he captures so much of what we are discovering, and what is being enacted through us and our lives, as we do the Mutual Awakening Practice within the Evolutionary Collective.   

The work of the Evolutionary Collective is deeply aligned with, and influenced by the writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a Jesuit priest and paleontologist.  Evidently, as Haas points out, a year before Pierre Teilhard de Chardin died, he said “I should like to die on the day of Resurrection.” A year later, on April 10th, 1955 he died. It was Easter Sunday.

Long before quantum physics came into the public eye, Teilhard de Chardin saw the literal enfoldment of matter and spirit.  In fact, he saw it as the "heart of matter" and in his famous essay titled the same, he prayed:

“Lord, since with every instinct of my being and through all the changing fortunes of my life, it is you whom I have ever sought, you whom I have set at the heart of universal matter, it will be in a resplendence which shines through all things and in which all things are ablaze, that I shall have the felicity of closing my eyes.”

By coming together as we do in the Mutual Awakening Practice, we ignite the light of Christ/Consciousness/Pure Love in one another and activate the chain of Being to interconnect through us - setting humanity ablaze with the energy of pure Love.  It changes everything. As St. Augustine said, “one can know something only insofar as one loves it.”  By connecting through our purity, we know one another, and fall in love deeply and irrevocably.

It appears that the Mutual Awakening Practice has the power to take us into liminal space, into the threshold where spiritual and physical matter/energy meet.  And in that meeting, there is a surrender….a dying before we die, that brings the light of love in and through our physical bodies and interconnects us. It is here that we, together, surrender ourselves not for what we intellectually know for certain, but for what we love.  We experience being “born from above” (John 3.3), from the future:

“….meaning not just spatially, but in time and quality of Being, again and again; that is to say, born from and indeed even for and on behalf of the future development of humankind and our planet by way of our own ongoing consent and participation in the evolution of  a more complete creation as the Body of Christ.”

~ Peter Haas

In the Evolutionary Collective we are committed to bringing the possible future of a world fueled by love into our lives now.  To actually enact what Haas describes in his blog - "to bring the presence of the future and all its possibilities in our very midst, right now in this moment.”  

By releasing the power of Love inherent in the Mutual Awakening Practice, we experience and know for certain that “….we are not locked into the past, not limited by recurrence, nor even constrained to the imperative to be present in the present moment.”  

The practice pops us into a new reality, a resurrection, that isn’t limited to three dimensions.  Where together we discover “...that the present moment isn’t all of God or all of Reality. No one is locked into just the present moment. Even the most conscious present moment. There is always more to God and Reality beyond time and human consciousness ….”

Mutual Awakening allows us to actually experience the essence of resurrection/new life where “….the future and all its possibilities [is] in our very midst, right now in this moment.”

Together we experience freedom from the past and we are no longer limited by recurrence, nor even constrained to the imperative to be present in the present moment…..but rather to always be in what is just emerging.

By entering into this shared practice, and a truly shared spiritual journey together - where spirit/energy and matter are simultaneously ignited - we experience grace together as we are lifted “...up and out of the ruts of our own making, and the pains of our lifetime.”  

In this practice, we die to arisings from the past - the prisons of addiction, shame, fear, violence, separation, isolation, co-dependence, unfruitful egoic choices and more.  We are taken into a life of possibilities and potentials that are fueled by love. We “die to the jaded cynic who long ago gave up on the possibility of any new future for humankind” and we allow Spirit to have us.  We are born into a larger energetic/spiritual being - the Body of Christ - and together we enact the joy of the journey and the magic moments of continual mutual awakening.