Mutual Anointing


In the Mutual Awakening Practice, we heal one another each time we enter into a practice. By looking into one another’s eyes, and seeing clear through to the Origination Point - that space of pure "divine” energy that exists within each of us - we anoint one another with love.

As anyone who has suffered with significant trauma or struggles with demons knows (and dare I say that is all of us), ritual anointing of this type is cleansing, calming, and necessary for healing. We can do this practice with and for anyone who chooses. No one is excluded, except by their own choice to not participate.

With this practice, we throw ourselves headlong in the direction of inclusivity and wholeness, toward a purity of heart that comes NOT from withholding or creating boundaries, but from letting love flow into, through and between us. The fact that we have discovered this truth in the context of practicing with one another, allows us to be in deep, restorative contact with another. This kind of intimate relationship brings the possibility of a new humanity into existence for the power of the energy that is released between us is what real love does:  “…it changes outcomes and creates whole new people (Cynthia Bourgeault).”

It allows us to become interconnected both inwardly and outwardly such that our lives are a continuous mutual anointing. The outward act of looking into one another’s eyes allows the inner fragrance of love to be released. In this mutual co-mingling of love, the two (or more) enter into a new reality, and old habits, self-definitions and identities begin to release.  

In this powerful, devotional practice, we free one another from egoic chains and habitual patterns and launch one another onto the path of integration and interpenetration. Mutual awakening frees us from the paradigm of separation and allows us to occupy heaven on earth now.