Setting Humanity Ablaze

I recently read a blog titled “To Die On the Day of Resurrection” by Peter Haas.  It is worth a read.  In it he captures so much of what we are discovering, and what is being enacted through us and our lives, as we do the Mutual Awakening Practice within the Evolutionary Collective.   

The work of the Evolutionary Collective is deeply aligned with, and influenced by the writings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a Jesuit priest and paleontologist.  Evidently, as Haas points out, a year before Pierre Teilhard de Chardin died, he said “I should like to die on the day of Resurrection.” A year later, on April 10th, 1955 he died. It was Easter Sunday.

Moving Beyond Brokenness

For centuries now, humans have been struggling against one another.  In fact, we even struggle against ourselves. My years of wrestling with depression, eating disorders, alcohol abuse, relationship issues, and bursts of reactive rage at the injustice of it all, revealed something to me about myself.  Being close to my own suffering brought me closer to the suffering of others, and ultimately illuminated the human condition.

We are all broken.  We all have our reasons. Sometimes we’re shattered by the choices we make ourselves; other times we are fractured by things that happen to us, and that we would never choose.  While our brokenness is one aspect of our shared humanity, and is the basis for our search for comfort, meaning, and healing, too often it becomes an identity that keeps us in the cycle of suffering instead of popping us into a new way of living and being together.

A Living Relationship of Love

The inter-being, emergence, the spark of shared-realization, and the interdependent relationship of love are alive in so many places.  While I generally talk about these rich topics in relation to the Mutual Awakening Practice, developed by Patricia Albere, here is beautiful rendition of these truths as they emerge through music.

I invite you to check out this interview with Sam and Paula Guarnaccia about The Emergent Universe Oratorio (EUO).  EUO is an hour-and-a-half long choral and orchestral piece composed by my friend Sam, produced by Paula, his wife, and often co-presented with a series of dynamic paintings created by the extraordinary visual artist, Cameron Davis.