eye open meditation

Mutual Awakening Practice - Meditation For Our Time by Toni Monsey

What is the 'We-Space' Meditation?

The Mutual Awakening Practice (MAP) is the natural evolution of our meditation, mindfulness, and contemplative practices.  It is a new, and potent, option or selection on the menu of practices that we can do in order to wake ourselves up, and change our world.  The exciting thing about MAP is that is done with another person.  It is a practice that is meant for this time in history where our interconnectivity is evident through the internet.  This practice allows us to activate the inner-net that exists in the space between us.  It is an eyes open practice done with another person, that not only trains our attention and expands our awareness, but also awakens the space between us such that we are inside of reality together.  With the MAP, we are reliably transported into a state of being that allows us to experience “heaven on earth,” “a higher order of human relating,” and gives us a vision of what is possible when humans come together in this way.