Mutual Awakening Practice - Meditation For Our Time by Toni Monsey

What is the 'We-Space' Meditation?

The Mutual Awakening Practice (MAP) is the natural evolution of our meditation, mindfulness, and contemplative practices.  It is a new, and potent option on the menu of practices that we can do in order to wake ourselves up, and change our world.  The exciting thing about MAP is that is done with another person.  It is a practice that is meant for this time in history where our interconnectivity is evident through the internet.  This practice allows us to activate the inner-net that exists in the space between us.  It is an eyes open practice done with another person, that not only trains our attention and expands our awareness, but also awakens the space between us such that we are inside of reality together.  With the MAP, we are reliably transported into a state of being that allows us to experience “heaven on earth,” “a higher order of human relating,” and gives us a vision of what is possible when humans come together in this way.

How It Works

This is a practice of turning towards each other so we can wake up inside reality together.  As is true of all practices, it takes practice.  It's best to start with a MAP teacher who can ensure proper technique and guidance.  

Connect Heart

MAP is a 30-minute practice broken up into 3 10-minute segments.  The practice supports us to loosen our consciousness out of its habitual pattern of staying fixed inside of us.

Step 1. Find a partner and sit across from one another with your eyes closed.  

Step 2. Each of you drop into your "Origination Point (OP),” the core of you, the point of nothingness through which the energy of you is just now emerging into existence.  You’re leaning into what is just on the horizon of your awareness and is just coming into being through you, as you.  It’s a dynamic place in us, through which our energy is just coming into existence through us

Step 3.  Open your eyes, and look at your partner.  Choose one eye to focus on so you’re not switching back and forth.  The MAP is an eyes-open practice.  

Step 4.  One person will ask a simple question of the other, “What are you experiencing right now?”  Notice it’s what are you experiencing, not what are you thinking or feeling.

The speaker will lean-in to their OP, the place through which life is just emerging, and give words to it.  It could be anything but the speaker might say something like “I’m experiencing heat…..molten red…’s like honey….I’m experiencing a hum….”  I sometimes describe this as “event-horizoning,” being on the very edge of what is just coming into view.

Rather than “going in and down” into our own inner-subjective experience and sensing our experience from there, we are seeing how the environment is “hitting” us.   We’re leaning into the emerging future, to what’s on the very leading edge of our experience, and learning to notice it and give words to it.  

You don’t have to know what you’re going to say.  In fact, you can’t know.  The words emerge with the noticing.  Just let the words come out.  As much as possible, allow the words to describe what you’re experiencing rather than you describing it after the fact.

We want to stay below, or before, concepts, story, and emotions and begin to notice what’s freshly emerging from our Origination Point in that moment.  You don’t have to complete sentences or entertain your practice partner.  In fact, you don’t even have to make sense.  

You’re job as the speaker is to be intimately close to what is just emerging, and allow words to come out. Track what’s there, letting yourself not know where it’s coming from or what you’re going to say.

Step 5.  For the person who is listening: Rather than listening from where you’re sitting, allow your consciousness to go completely inside the experience of your partner so you are inside their Origination Point with them.  Rather than listening from across the divide, as we usually do, let your consciousness float over and be inside of your partner’s experience so that you’re “knowing” it with them.

You’ve both opened your OP to one another, so your attention can move freely within the space of the two of you.  This practice allows us to loosen our habitual pattern of keeping our attention only inside of our own subjective experience. There’s more we humans can do with our awareness!  We can “know” the experience of another by being in their experience with them.

We’re loosening the fixed quality of our consciousness….

If you find yourself thinking about what the person is saying, or having any judgments, you’ve separated from their experience.  Float your awareness back over inside of their experience and be in it with them.  Then you don’t have to listen to them, you “know” them. 

As listener, no nodding, uh huhing, or talking.  You want to get inside the other person’s experience with them so that the two of you are in the same experience together.  It then can feel as if your partner's mouth is your mouth, and the words are coming through you so that after awhile you don’t even know who’s talking.

Don’t worry about “getting this” or understanding it.  Once you start doing the practice, it will happen….

Step 6.  The first person speaks for 10 minutes.  Then switch partners.  The person who was speaking will ask the question “What are you experiencing right now?" and will shift their consciousness completely over to the OP of their partner.

Step 7.  For the final 10 minutes, let your awareness float in the space between you and the person who just completed speaking will ask the question, "what are we experiencing right now?"  You’ll loop back and forth each speaking from the “we.”  We’re experiencing...we’re experiencing.  Not what do I think we’re experiencing.  

It doesn’t have to be the same.  Just allow whatever comes up to be spoken and loop for 10 minutes. If needed, you can refresh the question by simply asking it again, “What are we experiencing right now?"

Completing the MAP

After the final 10 minutes, thank your partner and simply go on with your day.  As with any practice, the effects will come as you’re going about your life.  You’ll begin to notice that you can take more perspectives, that you’re not stuck in your own inner experience, that you’re not alone, that you’re free to know and be known deeply and intimately by being inside of reality with others, and most importantly, you’ll begin to ignite Evolutionary Relationships.

When we place our attention on the subtle/invisible dimensions of relationality, we discover that we are no longer 2 objects trying to share meaning across the distance between us, but instead are inside of reality exploring it together.  

The portal is discovered in the liminal space between us (2 or more people).  When we are gathered, the door opens and we enter into a new dimension of consciousness - a shared reality.  

This era in human history is calling for Mutual Awakening - where our identities are fluid and able to move around in time and space, free to explore the profound and extraordinary possibilities of being human together.

Please contact me if you would like to begin, or deepen, a practice of Mutual Awakening.