Mutual Awakening Practice:  Activating Our Highest Potentials by Patricia Albere, adapted by Toni Monsey

If you’re like me, you’re sensing that there are much greater potentials available, not only for our own lives, but for that of humanity - untapped potentials that we could realize if we only knew how.

I know I’ve tried to unlock these potentials through a traditional path of development with things like therapy, coaching, meditation/centering prayer, personal growth courses, different healing modalities, yoga, and more.  While all of these methods have been very helpful in my journey, they’ve left me wanting more because they haven’t been “it,” at least they haven’t been the whole key to reaching my potentials, let alone that of humanity.

I’m finding that many of us are feeling less inspired lately by our individual work on ourselves, whether it be through a path of personal growth and development or a spiritual path.  We’re experiencing a deep longing for connection, creativity, and relationships with others that are more powerful, trusting, and profound.

That makes so much sense given the political climate of the globe, and the fact that we are living in a time of unprecedented connectivity, with 7.5 billion of us literally bumping into each other, and technology allowing us to connect with increasing speed and frequency.

But our consciousness, and the ways we’ve used to develop it, doesn’t yet match the way we’re living.  That’s why I’m thrilled to be a teacher of the Mutual Awakening Practice, a practice originated by Patricia Albere, the founder of the Evolutionary Collective (  Over the last ten years, Patricia has been sharing this practice inside of our Evolutionary Collective community, with remarkable results in both our individual and collective lives.

The Mutual Awakening Practice is an emergent, leading edge consciousness practice that is done with others, speaking aloud, and with our eyes wide open.  That alone makes the practice pretty remarkable because for the last 5,000 years of human evolution, we’ve been focused on individual mindfulness and prayer practices in our personal and spiritual work. These practices require us to do the exact opposite of Mutual Awakening - in them, we retreat from one another, close our eyes, and become quiet and still.  These individual meditation, centering prayer, and mindfulness practices are needed and beautiful, yet it’s easy to see that our world is calling us to come together, to move beyond our separate sense of self, to discover a shared consciousness that we access together - one that moves us into a whole new paradigm where consciousness is dynamic, fully awake, alive, fluid, flowing, and with the kind of power and depth that matches the world we live in.

The Mutual Awakening Practice is simple and accessible. It can empower anyone to form a deep connection with another person and use that connection to call forth each other’s potentials and expand what is possible.

Patricia Albere has been teaching Mutual Awakening to groups of people for over 10 years and has witnessed astonishing and meaningful shifts in people’s lives.  I  have been practicing Mutual Awakening for over 3 years, and am experiencing those shifts in my own life, and seeing them in the lives of others, as well.

I am committed to spreading the word, and practice, to support more people to shift into a higher order of human relating, and to discover for themselves, this powerful new pathway to consciousness.

I would be thrilled to introduce you, and your group, to Mutual Awakening through a Mutual Awakening Salon.  During the salon we would cover all the questions you might have about it, including:

• What exactly a Mutual Awakening Practice is – and how simple and reliable it is for anyone to use.

• How it came to be – and the science behind it.

• Why now is such a particularly important time in our evolution for us to move from personal to shared awakening.

• How the consciousness you develop through the Mutual Awakening Practice deepens and expands every dimension of your life from . . .

• Being in flow and moving beyond resistance

• Attracting opportunities and people into your life that support your highest truth

• Becoming more masterful and attuned to your work

• Increasing your capacity for intimacy in your relationships

• Igniting your creativity

• Knowing your higher purpose

• Experiencing both peace and inspiration . . . and so much more.

And, I’ll reveal how you can engage the Mutual Awakening Practice to:

• Locate and connect to the deepest and most sacred part of yourself that is not your ego, your body, or the things you’ve accomplished, but is the source point from which you and your uniqueness flows into the world – so that the focus of your consciousness and sense of identity begins to be rooted in the truth of who you are.

• Satisfy your inherent longing to be seen, met, and supported by and deeply connected to other human beings, to energetically experience giving and receiving from a deep, intimate sense of care and concern for each other that attracts beauty and abundance in its wake.

• Join others in aligning with the same dynamic force that gave birth to our existence – and that has the power to optimize our lives and move humanity to the next phase of our evolution.

If you are ready for a spiritual practice that supports your need for connection and is relevant to the complexity and speed of your modern life, then the Mutual Awakening Practice may be what you’re looking for.  This shared consciousness has extraordinary benefits for ourselves and for our world.  Together we will be inspired, touched, moved, creatively ignited, potentiated, and finally able to step into the fullness of who we each are and who we can be together.