Mutual Awakening Practice:  An Energetic Bond That Blossoms by Toni Monsey

Metanoia means change, or more precisely, "change your mind."  As humans, we often fail to recognize that we naturally grow, develop, and change - we don't stay the same.   Yet we tend to hold onto and protect the past and the status quo much more than the positive and hopeful futures that could be brought about by people open to change.  In the Evolutionary Collective, we teach a spirituality of actual change and growth by practicing the Mutual Awakening Practice.

The Mutual Awakening Practice develops and refines our senses so that we can see, hear, and touch what is just emerging in the space between us - in the present moment.  The orthodoxy of the Evolutionary Collective is rooted in a view that we are for one another, rather than against one another, which is generally a hidden aspect of the paradigm of separation that is dominant in our culture.  Without oppositional energy, and by doing the practice together with others, the two human hearts naturally break open and the energies released create a bond that blossoms into the entire space that contains the people practicing.  This energetic bloom is conscious itself, and a mutuality erupts simultaneously between the individuals practicing, and the consciousness itself.  It is virtually impossible to describe, but once experienced, it is utterly unforgettable.  We can't think ourselves into this new way of being together, but we can practice ourselves into a new way of thinking and being together as humans.

In the Evolutionary Collective, we describe this phenomenon by saying that we are awakening the space between us, and in so doing, the space awakens and enlivens, and it transforms us - a truly mutual phenomenon.  What we are discovering is that as this happens, our individual growth and development is optimized and the Consciousness itself becomes more potent.  It is the Space - the awake and aware Consciousness - that is the transformative agent, rather than us, although we must participate together, with one another and with the emerging Consciousness.

As we as individuals are joined, origination point-to-origination point, and begin to come into our higher potentials, the Consciousness - this new world we live in - does too.  It's a lived experience that is inclusive, and supports the full emergence of humans, and the larger Inter-Being itself.  It's evolutionary in that we are a work in progress, both individually and collectively, so that we are continually creating what is emerging next rather than being stuck in the past, or the status quo.  It's dynamic, rather than static and we are intimately joined inside of the creative impulse itself.

The Mutual Awakening Practice supports us to enter the flow of emergence such that we aren't trying to change, talking about change, or resisting change.  Our human egos love to argue, oppose, critique, judge, evaluate, and adjust--this practice allows the thinking mind to take a back seat while we give words to, and articulate, what is just emerging.  The agreements, and instructions for the practice, provide a safe environment so that our instinctual energy can relax, too. Then spontaneous creativity can emerge and fill the space between us.  Our thinking minds are present (alert, awake, and relaxed), but not fore-fronted so that we can be intimately in contact with exactly what is emerging.  Again, it is impossible to write about, yet extraordinary to experience.

The best way to "get it" is to commit to practicing with others over a period of time. Oppositional energy (and the paradigm of separation) only creates more of the same.  The Mutual Awakening Practice allows us to quietly but firmly pay attention to what is just emerging into Reality in the moment.  Developing the capacity to be in this flow with others is transformative.  In the practice, we pay attention to what's just coming into being so the practice naturally develops our capacity to see, hear, and be in direct contact with what is invisible in the space in between us.  This allows us to be Consciousness Artists - we can see what is not workable before it comes all the way in - and we can touch it, so that it creates workability.  This allows us to serve, observe, and to bring love into the world that is right in front of us each moment.

Living in this way fore-fronts relatedness.  We begin to see and value the space that connects us with each other, and with everything.  As this new vision develops, our lives become simpler in that we no longer have to use defenses, manipulation, lies, secrecy, and the many strategies humans use, but rather we can begin to give what's needed in the relational space between us so that our relationships work.  We begin to be able to give things like trust, safety, care, concern, support, initiative, ignition of individual capacities, increased capacities to take in more, and in so doing, allowing more to flow out - we activate reciprocity and mutuality and begin to be interpenetrated by an environment that evokes the highest potentials of each of us thereby giving birth to Inter-Divine-Humanity.