Mutual Awakening Practice:  Activating Our Highest Potentials by Patricia Albere, adapted by Toni Monsey

If you’re like me, you’re sensing that there are much greater potentials available, not only for our own lives, but for that of humanity - untapped potentials that we could realize if we only knew how.

I know I’ve tried to unlock these potentials through a traditional path of development with things like therapy, coaching, meditation/centering prayer, personal growth courses, different healing modalities, yoga, and more.  While all of these methods have been very helpful in my journey, they’ve left me wanting more because they haven’t been “it,” at least they haven’t been the whole key to reaching my potentials, let alone that of humanity.

Mutual Awakening Practice:  An Energetic Bond That Blossoms by Toni Monsey

Metanoia means change, or more precisely, "change your mind."  As humans, we often fail to recognize that we naturally grow, develop, and change - we don't stay the same.   Yet we tend to hold onto and protect the past and the status quo much more than the positive and hopeful futures that could be brought about by people open to change.  In the Evolutionary Collective, we teach a spirituality of actual change and growth by practicing the Mutual Awakening Practice.